Screen Printing


With Ring Spun Cotton T-Shirt

Metallic Inks

Metallics, Shimmers and Glitters inks are non-phthalate, plastisol screen-printing inks for apparel.

Discharge Ink

Discharge printing is a process where water-based inks are applied to certain “dischargeable” dark colored garments to produce very bright, soft prints. As the discharge inks are printed and heat cured, the original dyes in the garment are being reduced, or “discharged” from the image area

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol inks are widely used in garment printing. They are easy to print, do not dry in the screen, can be very opaque on dark garments, and will adhere to most textiles. They are composed primarily of two ingredients, PVC resin (a white powder) and plasticizer (a thick, clear liquid). Plastisol inks have one outstanding characteristic, they must be heated to dry

Puff Inks

Puff inks will expand in all directions when heated 

Water based Ink

Union Ink offers an environmentally-friendly, high performance PVC-free water based system for printing on 100% cotton light fabrics or dark fabrics when using the discharge process 

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